LOGE Lottery


How to participate

  1. The first step to purchasing tickets is to have no less than 100 billion LOGE in your wallet for the entire period.
  2. If you hold at least 100 billion LOGE and make a purchase of 100 billion LOGE or more during the week you will receive tickets to the weekly draws. The more tickets you accrue throughout the week the greater odds you will have of winning the weekly draw and to qualify for the big lottery in 8 weeks.
  3. Each purchase of 100 billion LOGE gives you one ticket. If you purchase 1 trillion LOGE or more, you will get an extra 5 tickets as a bonus for a total of 15 tickets. If you are below the 100 billion LOGE threshold at any point during the lottery your tickets will be voided.

But wait, there’s more!

  1. Bringing new members and influencers in, finding new and innovative ways to create business, helping out the community in our different social media channels and always being a supportive and contributing member. There are a few investors in Shill Team 6 that we are already eyeing up for the first community award!
  2. If you win a community award, we will be sending a NFT community contribution reward that will be used as a ticket for the big draw.




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