LunaDoge Weekly Recap #2

3 min readMay 10, 2021


Dear LunaDoge supporters,

Welcome to our second weekly recap. A very busy and eventful week, with lots of good news and amazing growth!

We would like to start out with an overview of the current LOGE statistics compared to last week to illustrate the growth of LunaDoge.

The most important statistic is the growth in liquidity. The number one goal of LunaDoge is sustained, steady growth. Liquidity more than doubled in the past week. Liquidity is key because as the liquidity pool increases, the price stability increases as well. Every trade contributes to the growth in liquidity.

Weekly achievements ✅

In the past week we managed to:

  1. Re-lock our team tokens and burn over 2.7% of the total supply! 🔥 🔐 For more details, read our Medium article about the lock and burn here.
  2. We distributed 1% of the total supply to 25 lucky winners participating in the airdrop competition.
  3. We distributed $500 each to the two winners of the Meme competition.
  4. We distributed $100 in LOGE to the 10 winners of the LOGE giveaway.
  5. We were featured on social media by several influencers. For example, a TikTok influencer with over 2 million followers has featured us twice. On Twitter, many influencers have featured LOGE thanks to our community, token metrics and project growth.
  6. We have been listed on CoinCodex and CoinCheckup. These websites are currently integrating PancakeSwap onto their website, so expect our price to show up in a couple of days!

In progress ⏳

  1. Marketing. Due to the increase in token price, our Marketing wallet has increased in value as well. We have narrowed down our focus on Twitter, Reddit and /biz based on our analysis on where most new holders came from. Thanks to our active community, we have members working around the clock to promote LunaDoge on all social channels.
  2. CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap and BscScan listings. We have resubmitted our proposals to these platforms based on our growth last week. These larger exchanges tend to wait with their listings until a project has reached a certain volume or market cap. Based on yesterday’s growth, expect a listing soon!

Special announcement — Introducing LunaDAO💣

LunaDAO coming soon!

We want to give our investors an opportunity to help shape our project. Future decisions on where and how to spend our funds are made via reaching a consensus. Investors who hold a stake in LOGE above a certain amount can make proposals regarding its future. Subsequently, the stakeholders vote on the proposal. In order to perform any action, the majority needs to agree on doing so. The percentage required to reach that majority is yet to be determined. We will further elaborate on LunaDAO in our next Medium article later this week.




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